Monday, July 3, 2017

Birds and a Card

Oh what a busy weekend! (Long post, card at the end if you want to skip down) Saturday (Canada Day) was threatening rain in the morning so we opted to do just go to Rondeau at noon and eat a veggie burger in the restaurant there instead of BBQing. After relaxing for awhile we walked down on of the trails but kept an eye on the weather which was clouding up. We decided to turn around and get back to the car when the sky started to turn black and boy was that a good call! We were in the car for about a minute and the sky opened up and it poured! End of that day’s celebration….well after a bit of ice cream while waiting for the rain to end.

Yesterday we took my sister to Point Pelee because I really wanted to see the Magnificent Frigatebird (yes, that is its real name) that was spotted there. This is a warm ocean loving bird from south of Florida that obviously got blown off course in a hurricane! It’s a huge bird with a wing span of 7.5 feet and it is the first time one has been seen at Point Pelee. She (they determined it was a she by the white patch) has been roosting just off the park and the people who own the Pelee Wings Store and a couple down the road, welcome people to go up on their decks to get photos. Some people are just so nice.  We managed to see it and get some great photos…..and I’m so glad we did because it flew off last night and no one has seen it today! Here is one of the photos I took of it.

While I was waiting for the Frigatebird to fly back closer to us a Great Blue Heron landed by us so I took his picture too. He was very light in colour for a Blue Heron but I got this shot of it.

Then it was on to Point Pelee Park itself and oh boy was it busy. We had to wait in line for about 20 minutes to get into the park and there were cars and people every where. But, we are patient people and we found a great spot for a BBQ and enjoyed the rest of the day.

Today our girls wanted us to join them for another BBQ but Joe was not feeling well and as it was last minute, I had nothing prepared so we postponed it to next week. You can only celebrate Canada Day so many times! Good job we stayed home because I think he has a bit of a flu bug, not just over tired.

I do have a card to share….another funny masculine card.

The image was coloured with pencils and blended with gamsol – my favourite medium! The sky and ground is sponged on chalk. I had a piece of navy blue the right size to hold the image and the hand-cut banner so I used it and mounted it on the Kraft card base. The “happy birthday” sentiment was a gold peel-off that I sponged blue alcohol ink over to change the colour. The sentiment at the bottom is computer generated.

That’s all for a sunny Monday, July 3, 2017. Tomorrow is a holiday for those in the USA. So happy July 4th to all my USA readers. Have a safe and happy holiday.




  1. beautiful pictures

  2. Cute card and sentiment Violet. Love your coloring with your pencils and Gamsol...My favorite tools too..

    Congratulations on getting the photo of the Frigatebird!! Woohoo! Do you have a birdwatching list to cross it off of? What a great shot! And Blue Herons are always so pretty... We have some around here too... Whenever we see them at the lake we say Hey there's George and Gracie... Hugs! deb


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